Thursday, April 9, 2009


I need to clone myself. 

I do this to myself every spring. After being cooped up all winter with nothing to do, after purposefully sequestering myself in my home, hunkering down with my peeps, I go a little nutty with the volunteering come spring. This year has hit me especially hard. 

Here's my list for the next two weeks: 
  • Adam and Luke are both in soccer this year. Practices and games on Tuesdays and Saturdays.
  • I've volunteered to take a meal to a mom with a new baby. This is her seventh child.
  • I'll be attending my cousin's baby shower next Saturday. (oops! Soccer game! Oh, and I have to shop for a gift...)
  • Cub Scouts is winding down its year, but I have six weeks of meetings, alternating Mondays and Thursdays. I still have Adam's health form to fill out for camp, which includes finding his vax record. (FTR, I don't vax my kids anymore - so finding his vax record is a process in itself. It'll involve looking up his ped that I left... four years ago?) 
  • I'm in charge of our homeschool group's Mom's Night Out. 
  • I'm working on a spreadsheet for a local pro-life group. I help them organize their data. I have January and February of this year to compile. 
  • Did I mention I homeschool?
  • And that Hubby started a new job, and works Monday - Friday, from about 9am to about 7:30pm, and Saturday mornings? Oh, and still waits tables on Saturday nights? 
  • and my dad wants me to help a friend of his file a complicated amendment on his taxes. 
I'm still trying to be frugal with our meals, and hang my laundry to dry (I've really gotten off the wagon, there.) Couponing is still going strong. I think I'm going to have to give up sleeping soon, if someone doesn't stop me from opening my big mouth to say, "Yes! I'll do that!" 

So when I say that I'm going to bring a meal to a mom in our playgroup who's recently been put on bedrest, someone slap me, okay? There's only so much one woman can do! But for some reason, I seem to think that I can change the world, singlehandedly. "Entropy, beware! I have arrived to save us all! I have come to prevent the decline of Western Civilization in my hyper-domesticity!" 


danivdp said...

Whew, I feel way better now about using my dryer lately. Loni's doing it too!!!

Annie said...

no hard feelings if you skip Pray and Play I changed it to Friday. How's the spring cleaning going? LOL

Loni said...

Well, since Joey has some kind of stomach virus, I have been forced to stay home the past couple of days. No PE class, no Scouts, and I don't think I'll be at P&P tomorrow. (Unless you REALLY want this virus. It has motivated me to wash lots of bed linens.)