Wednesday, October 7, 2009

You look maaahvelous!

She found my mascara. Thank goodness it wasn't waterproof.

Look at all the LEGOs!

We got an odd telephone call from our pediatrician's office a few days ago. It went like this:

Caller: Hi, this is Cindy from Dr. V--'s office. I'm not calling about an appointment or anything.
Me: Um, okay...
Caller: Actually, Dr. V-- asked me to call. You see, she's got some LEGOs that she needs to get rid of, and she didn't want to throw them away. She asked me, "Who is that family with all those boys and one girl?' (At this point I'm thinking, "All those boys? There are only three!" but I digress...) so, here I am, calling you. Would you like the LEGOs?
Me: SURE! Can we pick them up on Monday?
Caller: Absolutely. I'll pass the word to Dr. V-- to bring them in.

Hubby went with me to pick up the LEGOs. Can I just say, "WOW!" It took two nurses to carry the box!

The boys were thrilled - thrilled! - at all the new LEGOs. Lots of minifigures, base plates, and motorized kits. Aren't we lucky? (And you can bet that Adam's language arts assignment the next day was writing a nice thank-you note to his doctor!)