Friday, January 16, 2009

Two little things...

This is something I never did with my first child. But hey, it was her birthday, and I needed to do the dishes. I didn't have time to pick out matching pants, so she's wearing yellow with pink. By the time you're on your fourth child, you kinda chill out about your kids being in perfectly matched clothes all the time. (You thought I was talking about the frosting, didn't you?) 

Yes, that's a hospital bracelet on Joey's wrist. He went to bed, like normal, at about 8:30. At 10:30, he was awake and SCREAMING; his belly was distended, he couldn't sit or bend. Hubby and I tried to console him, but to no avail. We called our ped's after-hours line, and they advised us to take Joey to the ER, based on his abdominal distention. By midnight, we were in triage, and by the time we saw a doctor at 2am, Joey was fine, all on his own. He just needed to pass a little (a lot of) gas. 

The moral of my story? Kids will humble you. Just when you think you have all the answers and you've got a pretty good bead on things, they throw you a curve ball. 

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