Sunday, January 18, 2009

Trio of (frugal) tips

Why do people buy chip clips at the grocery store? At my store, I can buy three chip clips for $2. Or I can buy a bag of 50 clothespins for $2. Sure, I have to actually fold my bag down twice before putting a clothespin on my bag to close it, but I think the savings is worth it. 

This is a little bread tab, that keeps bread fresh. I save many of mine. Recently, Hubby reconfigured all the wires behind our entertainment center, and he used our tabs to label the cords (DVD, TV, etc.) It made it much easier to keep tabs (pun intended) on what each cord was for! 

I saw the cutest little bath toy holder at Target last year: it's a frog, made of plastic. When cleaning up after a bath, a parent can just scoop with this big frog and pick up all the bath toys, where they can drip-dry until needed next time. Personally, I don't need a $30 frog just to hold some squirty ducks and a few cups and squirt bottles. I just used a mesh bag from a bag of oranges. (Ahem. You'll note the free shampoos & conditioner in the photo. Can you believe people actually pay for shampoo?! I love coupons!) 

So, what little frugal tips do you have for me?

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danivdp said...

Use the grocery bags you get (when you forget your reuseable ones) for trash bags. We only have a bagged can in the kitchen under the sink and it goes out 1x a day :)