Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Garden's Coming Along!

Here's my garden! (Ignore the clothesline. I'll talk about that later.)

It doesn't look like much, but for a black thumb like me, it's quite an accomplishment. I've got tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, chives, green peppers, cukes, and watermelon. There's something satisfying about planting little seeds in May, and pulling honest-to-goodness food from vines in July. 

See my cucumbers? 

And my (still green) tomatoes? 

Yes, there is weed tarp over the whole garden. It's an experiment. I don't like the way it looks, but I do like the time it saves me - there's very little weeding required in our garden. 

We've also tried our hand at composting this summer. The kids are surprisingly into composting, especially Adam. And Joey loves to water and turn the compost. Luke just likes to throw worms in the compost pile. Cory likes that we have less trash to take out (read: less work for him.) And me? I'm glad that I'm not creating more waste for the landfill, and that I'm saving money (by using fewer trash bags), and I'm being ecologically conscious by nourishing the soil with something natural, not Miracle Grow. (What's in that stuff, anyway? Creepy!) 

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