Thursday, June 12, 2008

Logging in...

I've been trying to log into my new blog for several days, now. I haven't had any luck, because I couldn't remember my password. I have such a tough time remembering all the darn passwords that go along with my life: my passwords for online banking, my passwords for various websites which I use to pay bills, my passwords for different email accounts, my passwords to log into bulletin boards, my passwords for my ATM card, DirecTV account, and the latest - in addition to a password, we now have a verification question for our cell phone account! Not only do I have to remember my passwords, I have to remember the answer to this darn question, who the question applies to, and how to spell the answer. Like anyone is that darn interested in my cell phone bill!

And every site has different parameters for passwords. Some are case-sensitive. Some want numbers and letters. Some want at least eight characters, some six. Is it really that crazy-dangerous that someone might *gasp* see how much my power bill is, that I have to encrypt it with eight numbers and letters that don't repeat, aren't my birthday or my social security number, and share no characters with my name? (And if you've seen my whole name, you know what a feat that is!) 

Am I the only one that thinks this may be going a bit too far? 

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