Monday, July 4, 2011

Yep, she did it AGAIN!

Another unauthorized haircut in our house. You remember this post? At least this time, Joey is off the hook.

Joey asked Hubby if he could have scissors to cut some paper.
Joey: "Dad, can I have the scissors to cut paper, please?"
Hubby: "Yes, but what do we cut with scissors?"
Joey: "Just paper."
Hubby: "Do we cut our clothes?"
Joey: "No."
Hubby: "Do we cut hair?"
Joey: "No."
Hubby: "Okay. You can have the scissors. TO. CUT. PAPER."

Hubby gave the scissors to Joey. Joey cut the paper he wanted to cut, put the scissors down, and left the room.

Enter Gracie, who has seen Tangled about a kajillion times.


What you don't see is that her hair in the back is quite a bit longer - about halfway down her back.


You notice how lopsided it is in the second picture? What you don't see is the mounds of hair that I brushed off her shoulders, the huge pile of hair in the kitchen, and the rat-tail she'd left in the back. We took her out to get a professional haircut the next day to clean it up.

I think she looks a bit too pleased with herself.

And here it is, after the "fix." Cute? Yes. Easier? Yes. But I still miss the long hair!

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