Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Boys' bedroom renovation

The boys' room has been in need of attention for more than a year, now. We're finally getting to it, thanks to our tax refund. Here is a before photo of Adam & Luke's bed. Notice that the walls are blue - an ugly, cheap shade of blue that I HATED.

Poor Joey started out in this toddler bed, squished into the opposite corner of the room. (Please forgive the fuzzy picture. It was the only one I could dig out that had this toddler bed pictured.)

Cory eventually made that toddler bed into a trundle, so that it slid under the bunks, giving the boys more floor space. The disadvantage was that Joey had no bed to call his own during the day - no place to keep his special things just to himself. Oh, and eventually one of the casters fell off, so Joey's bed had to be propped up in one corner with books lest he roll out toward the lopsided corner!

You'll also notice, in the above pics, that the boys (ahem, LUKE) had started to peel the ugly blue paint off the wall. Did I mention that I HATED that blue? Hated it. Really.

Hubby and I started talking renovation of the boys' room last fall. Since we've had so much time to plan and talk about it, we came up with a few solutions.

The first solution was a better color for those darn walls! They're khaki-colored, now, except for one wall (not pictured) which is a smart, navy blue. I love it. The second solution was for Hubby to build triple bunk beds. Boy, these suckers are STURDY.

You'll notice that the ladder does not extend away from the bed as it did from the previous bunks, so the footprint of the bunks is smaller. We've lost the storage space under the bunks, though, because the lowest bunk is only a couple of inches above the floor. We have plans to build a wall of cubes to house books, toys, and trophies. I hope to post more pictures when the room is finally complete.

Have I mentioned how happy I am to have gotten rid of the UGLY blue paint?

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