Thursday, January 28, 2010

Repurposing what I repurposed...

Okay, forgive the bad, grainy pictures. It was a cloudy day, and I did the best I could with light.

I needed a pot holder for my cast iron skillet. I hate realizing that I need to pour something out of the skillet before it burns, and then having to hunt (quickly!) for the pot holder that I'd just used and set down somewhere...

I wanted one of those handy-dandy ones that fit over the handle, but I really wasn't willing to pay $5.99+ for it. I mean, it's basically a padded sock, right? So I rummaged around in my scraps, and found a block that I had made for this quilt, but hadn't used. It was the "odd man out" and didn't fit into the dimensions of the quilt I made. So I traced around the handle of my cast iron skillet, and made a pot holder using that tracing as a pattern for this:

See? Fits perfectly! It's denim on the outside, lined with flannel on the inside. Durable, and keeps me from burning my hand.

Second, Adam was complaining that his legs were cold. (It just so happens that the chair he sits in for schooling is in the coldest spot in the house.) He wanted some leg-warmers like I wear. I grabbed a pair of knee high socks of mine that had holes in the heels and were headed for the rag bag. I found a tutorial online, and repurposed those holey socks from this:

To this:

So I managed to solve two problems in our house for $0. Yay for me!

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Miranda said...

Great job! It's a great feeling to create your own needed items and not give away that hard earned money. Thanks for posting!

Leslie said...

That is one great idea! We have skillets, too and that is the one thing I don't like about them is how hot the handle gets, too. Plus, I'm always a fan of repurposing things!

p.s. thanks for visiting my blog!

Anonymous said...

I love finding free ways of solving a problem! Good thinking on the handle!

Babylegs makes those small leg warmers and I bought several pairs last year on deep clearance, cheaper than I could buy the socks to make them. We love them on my toddler and it's our second year using them. I'm sure she'll even get another year out of them!