Thursday, August 27, 2009

Trio of tips

See the frugality in the above picture? No? Well, look closer:

1. Unplug appliances when not in use! You can see the "unplugged" plug of my kitchen radio/CD player. Do I really need it to be plugged in all the time? Of course not. Why not pull the plug, so that I'm not paying for the digital clock to be on? (After all, I have multiple clocks in my kitchen already. Who needs one more?)

2. As a mom, I love portable snacks. But buying individual sized everything gets expensive. One of my solutions is to buy ONE package of individual servings, and refill the containers. In this case, raisins. I reuse my little boxes, refilling them from the big container. This reduces my per-ounce cost, but I still get the advantage of portability.

3. Canning - okay, sure, not rocket science there. But I preserve my own garden produce (in this picture, yummy salsa), and I got my canning jars for free by asking around. Put the word out when you're on the hunt for something. You never know when someone will be glad to pass their junk (your treasure) on to you!

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Mom2fur said...

Great tips! I need to get myself some canning jars before the farm stand closes for the season. I've never canned before, but my mother (who lives 500 miles away, btw) tells me it's easy to can tomatoes. One of these days, I'll tell myself I won't poison my family with ptomaine and take that plunge,LOL!

~Sara said...

Buying things in larger quantities and then divvying them up definitely will save you money. Smart thinking.