Wednesday, July 29, 2009

You win some, and you lose some

I bought some yummy Starbucks frappuccinos at Walgreens this past week, courtesy of a sale + coupons. After I drank my first frap, I noticed how pretty the bottle is. See?

It looks like a miniature old-fashioned milk jug. I wanted to keep it, because it's pretty. But I wanted to USE it, not just keep it around, taking up space. I tried putting pens in it, but the mouth is too narrow, and the glass is too tall. Jelly jars work better for pen storage. Then I tried using it as a vase for a couple of flowers:

Fuzzy picture and my poor photographic skills notwithstanding, that didn't work, either. So I have three of these little bottles hanging out in my stockpile space, waiting for a use. Ideas?


Jenifer said...

They are (if you still have the lids) really good for "make your own mixes". If you go to the Betty Crocker (or, Google too I guess) you can find recipes for drink mixes - there is a great chai tea mix - the Starbucks bottles are a perfect size, both for the mix, and to fit into an oversize coffee mug - which are always plentiful (and unique) at thrift shops. Perfect for gift giving!

Loni said...

Hmmm... I have ONE with a lid. I usually keep iced coffee in my fridge (in a Ball jar, very swanky!). Using a Starbucks jar would let me enjoy my iced coffee on the road! Good thought!

Now, how to use the other jars...