Wednesday, June 24, 2009


We braved the very wet weather (which, this week, turned to very hot weather) to go camping. Cheap vacation!

Here is Hubby setting up the tent that we call The Habitrail. We got it a few years ago, and it's been a great investment. It consists of one, large central tent connected by tubes to two smaller auxiliary tents. The boys sleep in one small tent, we stow our gear in one small tent, and Hubby, Gracie, and I sleep in the big tent on an air mattress.

This is the only hike we took over the weekend. I should mention here that the state park in which we camped only had one hiking trail. Boo, hiss! But isn't the covered bridge cool?

Here is Adam, during one of the few times he wasn't whining during the weekend. Notice in the background the Rubbermaid totes into which our "neighbors" had packed all of their camping gear. Can you see the labels on the totes? Be still my heart! Hubby spent the weekend coveting their speedboat, and I spent the weekend coveting their Rubbermaid totes!


Jennifer said...

Hahaha...did you pretend to take a picture of Adam so you could get a photo of those totes?

Loni said...

Actually, Hubby took the picture. You can see my back & ponytail in the corner of the picture. We have a picture of the speedboat, too. : D