Thursday, October 16, 2008

Camping in the backyard

The boys (Hubby included) did a little camping in the backyard Sunday night. We have a very large, multi-room tent. Fortunately it's modular, so Hubby was able to separate the center module from the other compartments, and squeeeeeeze it into the backyard.  (Have I mentioned we have a postage stamp for a backyard?) Here's a picture of the tent, sandwiched between our perfect tree, the garage, and the playset. Note the clothesline, complete with cloth diapers, and garden in the background. 

We carted the air mattress and lots of blankets and pillows to the tent and set up shop. Hubby made a campfire and we all roasted marshmallows and made smores. YUM! I tried to take pictures of the little dears, but they




So you'll just have to photoshop this series in your head and imagine how cute they were, swatting away mosquitos.

After sundown, Hubby got out the telescope and got some excellent views of the moon. One of these days we'll have to figure out something else to point at, since it's a very nice telescope and it'd be a shame to waste all that spying power on something we can see with a decent pair of binoculars. My father-in-law regifted the telescope to us a couple of summers ago, after it was given to him as an anniversary gift from his employer. Hubby and I have promised each other multiple times that we'll make sure to get it out more often. The instruction book says that if you know where to look, our telescope can pick up the rings on Saturn! 

So there's my little frugal tip of the day - go camping in your backyard. The kids loved it, and when they're "done" camping at 10pm, you can shuttle them inside the house and sleep in a comfortable bed, instead of on an air mattress. 

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